Auburn Parking Services | Parking Info
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  1. Monday – Friday all zones excluding R* are enforced 7am – 5pm
  2. RW, RX, RH, RD, RT are enforced 24/7
  3. Fall/ Spring – PC1, PC2 , PC3, PC4 enforced from  7am – 2:30pm
  4. Fall/ Spring – All PC Zones after 2.30pm – Open for all AU registered vehicles except RW, RX, RH, RO, RD, RT
  5. “B” and “C” Zones open for A zone permits
  6.  C Zone open for B zone permits
  7. “Graduate Zone” is open for “B” and “C” Zone permits
  8. Summer – PC1 , PC2, PC3, PC4 : 7am – 5pm – Open for all AU registered vehicles
  9. Summer ONLY: RH, RW, RX, RT, RD Zones open to all registered vehicles during the summer

Check back soon for more information!